Veterinary Clinic Parking Only

Product Description

SKU: 93086

Stock Sign: White textured background with Black Text 

Add a touch of humor and uniqueness to your parking area with our lighthearted Veterinary Clinic Parking Only sign! 

Perfectly Sized: Measuring 9” x 12”, our sign is designed to catch attention without being overwhelming, ensuring clear visibility for all.

Built to Last: Crafted with high-quality materials, our sign features holes in all four corners for easy installation and durability, withstanding various weather conditions.

Customization Options: Make it uniquely yours! Tailor the sign to your specific needs with our customization options:

  • Adhesive Backing: Easy installation and versatility with optional adhesive backing (+ $1.00)
  • Color Variety: Choose from 12 striking color combinations (+ $5.00) to match your brand’s personality

Premium Textured Color Choices: Our indoor / outdoor commercial-grade material is UV stable, fingerprint-resistant and built to endure the test of time. Select from an array of vivid options to suit your preferences:

  • Black with White Text
  • Brown with White Text
  • Green with White Text
  • Maroon with White Text
  • Red with White Text
  • Royal Blue with White Text
  • Tangerine with White Text
  • Tan with Brown Text
  • White with Black Text
  • White with Red Text
  • Yellow with Black Text

Set the tone for a friendly and welcoming environment while humorously reserving parking for your veterinary clinic patrons.

$ 53.00