MEDS IN REFRIGERATOR Clip-Its™ (Pack of 6)

Product Description

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"MEDS IN REFRIGERATOR" Clip-Its: Communicate Medication Storage Information

Orange with White Text - Medication and Special Diet Considerations

Our "MEDS IN REFRIGERATOR" Clip-Its offer a simple and effective way to communicate medication storage information. With an orange background and white text, these engraved clips provide clear visual instructions regarding the proper storage of medications in the refrigerator.

Key Features:

  • Medication and Special Diet Considerations: The "MEDS IN REFRIGERATOR" Clip-Its are designed to convey the need for medication storage in the refrigerator, ensuring proper medication handling

  • Color-Coded System: The orange background with white text follows a color-coded system that indicates specific medication storage requirements

  • Engraved Communication: The message "MEDS IN REFRIGERATOR" is engraved on the Clip-Its, making the instructions visible and easy to read

  • Alligator Clip Attachment: Equipped with an alligator clip, these Clip-Its can be conveniently attached to uniforms, scrubs or clothing, providing accessible and visible information

  • Ability to Hang Multiple Clip-Its Together: The design allows for multiple Clip-Its to be hung together, enabling the display of various medication and dietary instructions

  • Scratch-Resistant and High-Quality: Constructed from durable and scratch-resistant material, these Clip-Its are built to withstand daily use while maintaining legibility

  • Optimal Size: With dimensions of 3" x 3" square, these Clip-Its are prominent enough to be easily noticed without causing inconvenience

  • Optional Carabiner Clips: Carabiner clips can be purchased separately to offer an alternative attachment method for the Clip-Its™

  • Pack Quantity and Pricing: Available in packs of 6, the "MEDS IN REFRIGERATOR" Clip-Its provide a practical solution for conveying medication storage instructions

For details about quantities and individual pricing, please contact us at 800.634.6066 or email

Whether for individual use, bulk orders or customized solutions, these Clip-Its are designed to enhance communication and safety within healthcare and veterinary settings. 

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