Fecal Baggie with Wooden Spoon (100/Bag)

Fecal Baggie with Wooden Spoon (100/Bag)
Product Description

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Fecal Baggie with Wooden Spoon: Simplifying Fecal Sample Collection

Streamline the process of fecal sample collection with the innovative Fecal Baggie with Wooden Spoon. This product is designed to facilitate the collection of pet fecal samples for testing, making the process more convenient and hygienic.

Key Features:

  • Fecal Sample Bag: The fecal sample bag is designed to securely hold fecal specimens. It provides a clean and sanitary way to collect and transport samples to the testing facility

  • Pet's Name and Collection Date: The bag features a designated space to write the pet's name and the date of collection. This ensures accurate identification and tracking of samples

  • Encouraging Compliance: By providing a space for the pet's name and collection date, the bag encourages pet owners to comply with specimen requests and provide all necessary information

  • Wooden Spoon: The package includes a wooden spoon, which serves as a tool to easily collect fecal samples. The spoon ensures a hygienic and efficient collection process

  • Quantity: Each package contains 100 fecal sample bags and wooden spoons, providing an ample supply for various testing needs

Whether you're a veterinary clinic, animal hospital, or pet care facility, the Fecal Baggie with Wooden Spoon offers a practical solution for fecal sample collection.

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