5" x 3" Oval Full Color Room Identification Sign

Product Description

SKU: 93281

Seamlessly guide your staff and clients with our professional and unique Oval Room Identification Signs.

    Perfectly Sized: Measuring 5” x 3”, our Oval Room Identification Signs are designed to blend effortlessly into any space while maintaining clear visibility for all.

    Charming Tri-Colored Paws: Each sign features delightful tri-colored paws, adding a touch of character and playfulness to your identification system.

    Customization Options: Make it uniquely yours! Tailor the sign to your specific needs with our customization options:

    • Adhesive Backing: Easy installation and versatility with optional adhesive backing (+ $1.00)
    • Custom Text: Personalize your signs with custom text for no additional charge
    • Color Variety:Choose from 11 striking color combinations to match your brand’s personality

    Wide Variety of Full-Color Sublimated Options: Choose from our array of 11 different full-color sublimated options to match your branding or complement your space’s aesthetics. The color choices include:

    • Black with White Text
    • Blue Marble with White Text
    • Green Marble with White Text
    • Green with White Text
    • Maroon Marble with White Text
    • Maroon with White Text
    • Purple Marble with White Text
    • Royal Blue with White Text
    • Sapphire Blue with White Text
    • Teal with White Text
    • White with Black Text

    Navigate your establishment with ease, professionalism and a delightful touch. Our Oval Room Identification Signs are a perfect fit for offices, veterinary practices, hotels and more.

    $ 26.50